Relational Networks

Relational Networks are groups of people meeting together regularly with a common interest or theme and building relationships with each other. These groups are known by various names in different church communities such as small groups, life groups, home groups and cell groups. Here at Intenciti Church we call these groups Relational Networks.

There are two main types of Relational Networks here at Intenciti Church. First of all there are our discipleship Relational Networks. These Relational Networks exists to build meaningful relationships through spiritual means. They meet regularly to worship, study the Word and exercise their spiritual gifts in a safe environment.

Our second type is our more social Relational Networks. These groups exist to build meaningful relationships through various social events and life stages, although this does not mean that they can’t discuss anything of spiritual importance. People in these groups build relationship through social events, but also provide a way for those in the church to invite their friends that do not attend church to meet Christians and find out how normal we really are.

Relational Networks are a key aspect of our church community. If you can’t find a group you would like to join or you would like to start one, please let us know!

Remember discipleship is relationship and discipleship always points to Christ!